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Csar Augusto Barrantes Rojas was born Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia in the year 1985.

Entered the world of plastic arts in the year 2000, participating in various exhibitions in his hometown Roldanillo.

Its formation in the plastic arts has been linked directly to the formation workshops conducted at the Museum Roldanillo Ray, Valle. These workshops have been conducted by masters such as Anthony Caro, Angel Loochkarth, Henry Villada, Edgar Correal among others....

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Csar Augusto Barrantes Rojas was born Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia in the year 1985.

Entered the world of plastic arts in the year 2000, participating in various exhibitions in his hometown Roldanillo.

Its formation in the plastic arts has been linked directly to the formation workshops conducted at the Museum Roldanillo Ray, Valle. These workshops have been conducted by masters such as Anthony Caro, Angel Loochkarth, Henry Villada, Edgar Correal among others.


Place Ao

2000 House of Culture "Carlos Villafae" Roldanillo - Valle
2001 House of Culture "Carlos Villafae" Roldanillo - Valle
2003 First Business Week "INTEP" Roldanillo - Valle
2004 Second Business Week "INTEP" Roldanillo - Valle
2004 First Hall of Artists Roldanillenses
2005 Calicomix, Cali - Valle
2005 Casa Quintero (street art) Roldanillo - Valle
2006 Foundation University of the Andean area, Pereira - Risaralda
2006 Trade Club, Pereira - Risaralda
2006 Comfamiliar Tula
Art Valla 2006 Val (Ecological Path), Bolivar, Valle del Cauca
2007 Club "freeloaders" Roldanillo
2007 Casa Quintero, October 12 Commemoration
2007 Universidad Nacional, Bogota, Hall Oval Launch
book "The afternoon and the mountain (Selection of three books)"
of Germn David Clavijo, Friday Poetry Collection
2008 Museum of Religious Art, Cali, Valle, Launch
book "The afternoon and the mountain (Selection of three books)"
of Germn David Clavijo.
2008 Lightning Museum


Csar assemblies colors Barrantes

Csar Barrantes, this little full of artists who claim to be comprehensive, joining (or pretending to join) all branches of artistic expression in his works, has decided to be a painter, without false humility, but not without the pretension of so many addled that without the ability or discipline to achieve within the constraints of a language defined a voice trying to hide their shortcomings in an overwhelming deployment of resources and self-referential concepts that despite their look more noise to silence, the emptiness of communication, that the speaking voice of a real artistic work.

Csar is a painter, and as such has decided to rebuild the world, external and internal, carefully choosing the shapes, textures, colors and reflected on a surface spatially limited the boundless universe of an image to be built, detailed, conceived, from the conscious individuality of a human being fully prepared to do so and has offered to its construction all his experience artistic, spiritual and worldly accomplished this image, embedded in a tradition of similar images (the history of painting), viewers can play-readers and be interpreted, exploring and building our conception the world and our psyche. This is what Csar Barrantes bravely, as any artist that claims to be, and what has been suggested that his latest works from the series assembled Colors realize, or peep, hint that further progressive development of his work is becoming more accurate.

Colors series is assembled within the whole work of Cesar, bet less figurative without ceasing to be where the brush has embarked. The elongated figures on funds of textures and colors in many cases their first collection psychedelic nymphs, reminiscent of the early work of Omar Rayo, painters obligatory reference l AFTER born in Roldanillo now have faded and become less clear limits that give a more prominent role to the viewer, in his role as re-creator merge into an ever-m s indistinct background, with almost one with it and thus producing the impression of a free match colors or chance wind has met vaguely human figures that the eye of Csar has been portrayed in the right moment before they moved into the maelstrom before unis disintegrate continuously forming new figures.

The impression of the same painting that continues in each frame (each Csar seals in this universe of colors MOBILE, its own universe) is reinforced in the palette chosen to set this great painting scenes, this series is constant: Siena colors like violet, yellow grouped vaguely human figures whose outline is a reason, not an excuse for painting a plea devoutly sought from all possible forms of the image, which reveals why anthropomorphic man as a constitution of colors ephemeral moved by the wind, under a dark that groups will not know Qutan permanent real engine of his work.

Apart from this sure his latest series, Colors assembled, I must say something more important to know AFTER several years and yet sque his enormous talent and discipline their artistic qualities are obscured behind him, kind and generous, always ready to embark on new artistic and cultural projects, no matter how risky it can be for your peace of material, if after them entrevla promise of meaning, depth, spirituality for the performing arts and their own life.

David Clavijo Germn

Cultural manager and president of the Corporacion Open House


Quedatrs the twentieth century, their images and sounds were in the collective memory of those who survived, and now, at the dawn of a new world order, we are standing and the twenty-first century, a century which, in previous years, only oamos speaking science fiction stories.

This century, it presents a chaotic world that amazes us every time ms with surprising discoveries and innovations in science, technology, nanotecnologay biotechnology, a world that conquistel space, release power of volume and decode the human genome map, a world in which virtual reality, intelligence clonaciny estn artificial becoming daily feature coffee talks, a globalized world, mediated and digitized.

But this world, despite all these advances and progress, an old structure stands on atvicas, patriarchal and misginas: humanity, in essence, has not evolved and Women has not yet reached full recognition of its vital importance within society. The utopia of social justice a reality started when the human being as the Cave it is, exit to the caves and values women in all its dimension.

The series "Nymphs" Csar Barrantes artist, pays tribute to the feminine essence, to the fragility of the figure, the delicacy of the curves, the soft roundness of its forms and the tenderness of his touch. But it is also a tribute to Mother Earth, the Pachamama, because she, like Women, has the gift of motherhood, the gift of life, and what better way to do reminiscent of the Nymphs.

Recall that in the Greco-Roman mythology, the nymphs were female deities personifying the spirits of nature, and live in the fountains, groves, forests, grasslands, oceans, mountains yros.

This young artist born in Roldanillo, through pure abstraction, embodied this series. With giles brushstrokes and a keen perception of the balance between light, color and shade gives life to these figures etre grciles nature and organic, lightness and beauty of plastic, that move with grace, like dancers recreating the dance of life in the celebration of ancient fertility rites.

These figures ingrvidas protein floating in amniotic universe, with those long legs ectoplasmticas, we reconnect with the world of magic, where humans live in complete harmony with Mother Nature happiness was stuffing his diary, because his heart was not poisoned with greed bean.

The subtle eroticism of these undulating flowing limbs is a hymn to the triumph of life over death, the triumph of Eros on tnat is the poetry itself that impacts our retinas with smoothness and elegance, to rest ourselves and not lose the little sanity that we have an.

The influences that define the work of Csar Barrantes are many, no wonder that an artist of this generation who are in permanent contact with the world around you, you can make a parangn with the work of Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani and Egon Eschiele, among others. This is without prejudice to recognize that we are in a completely original work, with nuances Mannerist. Perhaps inadvertently, we are considering a new proposal, which does not fit into any of the "isms."

In the world of art, you probably already been done and said everything, but However, it is necessary to return to s basic, the Art is to be returned to its most pure essence, that does not fade in the noisy and frantic tide of modern times.

Csar& 39;s work is a kind invitation for us to remember our origins, we forget that we dila matrix essence of life and happy life prodiguna us little by little it has been losing ms fault of our darkest desires.

Csar Barrantes, a visionary artist, an artist of undeniable talent and a great capacity for work, with the imprint of his work marcaruna lasting impression on the artistic scope, now and forever.

Velcardo Rock - 2007
The Victoria (V), Sunday April 22, 2007


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